See Indonesia in One Afternoon

Taman Nusa is an Indonesian cultural park that aims to offer a comprehensive and interactive experience on the cultures of Indonesia’s many ethnic groups, set against the natural backdrop of Bali.

Situated on 10 hectares of land, visitors will feel as if they have travelled around Indonesia – with more than 60 traditional houses and some that are hundreds of years old.

Guests are invited to see traditional arts and crafts being made by talented craftsmen as well as participate in traditional dances and music, such as the Kolintang from North Sulawesi and the Angklung from West Java.

Galam Crypto Art or Garuda Laman is the first cryptoasset token (NFT) in Indonesia that is backed by asset. A store of value that is both personal and collective in nature, to realise the concept of imagined community.
One of the goals of this project is to rebuild through gotong royong (cooperation) Tamanseni and Balai Pusaka (heritage house) on the new capital city.
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